Much Wenlock's Finest Chainsaw Sculptor

Hi, my name is joffrey watson, aka 'the chainsaw bloke', and I am a chainsaw sculptor!

At the age of seventeen I started as an apprentice tree surgeon and this would be my main job for many years. I come from an artistic background with my mother being a royal academy graduate, and I always did very well with all aspects of art when I was at school, and after a short time of tree surgery I decided to see what I could do with a chainsaw.

After starting with a small chair and a couple of wooden mushrooms.....the sort of things pretty much every person who works on trees has a go at making, I tried carving things a little more elaborate. I was soon asked to carve an owl and I managed to carve one with a squirrel and made a seat out of it in the process, the picture of which can be found in the gallery.

Wooden Sculptures and Furniture made in Shropshire This was many years ago now, and after doing this I started to carve on a more regular basis. The demand for things became enough that I have been able to have chainsaw carving as my profession. The work I get asked to do varies greatly. I might be asked to turn a tree stump in a garden into a sculpture or chair of someone's choice. I have done demonstrations at schools and events and often get asked to carve story telling chairs for primary schools typically after an art competition by the kids to design it!

I have done birthday parties where each child gets a little chair made as quick as I can to keep them entertained. I have made memorials for people who want something a little bit different or personal and many other commissions depending on what ideas people may have. It is not essential for you to have timber in place for me to carve such as a tree stump! If you don't, I have access to lots of timber and can still proceed with any carvings you may want. Please get in touch with any ideas or questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Joffrey Watson RFS CERT ARB (HONS)